Alisa Christopher

Avatars and Ninjas

For the record, I’m absolutely extatic about the premiere of Korra, just because I haven’t been posting fan arts doesn’t mean I’m not. I’d love to be doing tons of drawings of Bolin (lol, autocorrect), Meelo and the others, and I would absolutely jump at the chance to make a pro-bending game that completely eclipses my earlier efforts at making an Avatar fighting game. But to even approach a powerhouse like Viacom about making an official game, we have to get a handful of successful games under our belt first. That’s where Dr. McNinja’s Radical Adventures comes into the picture. We managed to secure a usage contract for a popular webcomic character, and we’ve been working hard to produce that. So much to the point that it’s pretty much all I do. But to make this project a success, we need help raising funds. We’ve started.a page on Kickstarter for that purpose, and I’d really appreciate it if you’d take a look, pledge whatever you feel is fair, and then share and reblog the project. Think of it as not just pledging to support a Dr. McNinja game, but also supporting the potential for an awesome Korra game. Thanks!

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